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Events: Change the Event Location, Campus, and Geolocation for an event

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  1. Click on the event you want to modify on your calendar. This will launch the Event Details window.
Example of clicking on an event to modify
  1. Click on the Modify Single Event button. If this is a repeating event, you can also edit every event in the series -- here's how:
    1. Expand the Modify Single Event dropdown by clicking on the down arrow () button.
    2. Select Modify All Recurring Events from the dropdown menu.
Example of modifying a single event
  1. Make any needed changes to the event's location and campus in the Event Details and Event Location sections.
    1. Library Campus*: if your admin has enabled multiple sites in your Campus & Location Settings, this will allow you to choose which library, branch, campus, etc. where the event will be held. This is useful if you are part of a multi-library system.
      • * This field's name is actually set by your admin, so it may not say " Library Campus" as it does in this example.
      • This field will not appear if your admin has not enabled multiple sites.
    2. Event Location (In-Person or Online): select the location for your in-person, online, or hybrid event You can choose from:
      • In-Person Location/Space: select one or more onsite/in-person locations where the event will take place from the In-Person Location/Space field. You can choose from:
        • Any location added to your Campus & Location Settings.
        • Any space from your Spaces Module. When you create your event, this will create a booking for that room that is linked to the event. If the event is modified, the booking will be automatically updated accordingly.
        • Whichever you select, LibCal will check and make sure that the chosen location or room is available. A status message will appear letting you know, that way you don't accidentally create a double booking!
        • If enabled in your calendar settings, you can choose multiple locations or rooms for each event. This is especially helpful if you are using both halves of a divided room.
      • Online Event via Zoom/Teams/Webex: enter the details for your online meeting provider.
        • This option is only available if you have enabled an online meeting integration for your system -- Zoom, Teams, or Webex.
        • Your event must have registration set to required to select this option.
      • Online Event via Facebook Live (or other): enter the Event URL that will be used to host the event, and the Password/PIN if one is required.
        • Events that do not require registration will display the Event URL on the public event page.
        • Events that require registration will not display the Event URL on the public page -- it will be sent in the confirmation email.
        • When a Password/PIN is added, the event must have registration set to required. 
      • In-Person and Online Event: if your event is hosted in-person and online, you can select in-person and online locations for your event.
Example of modifying an events location and campus
  1. To customize the event's geolocation (which is used to display an optional map on the public event page), scroll down to the Geolocation section.
    1. Manually specify a Geolocation for this event: select this checkbox if you want to enter a specific geolocation for this event.
    2. Google Place ID: this allows you to display your location as a marker on Google Maps. (If you enter a Place ID, the latitude and longitude fields will be disabled.)
    3. Latitude and Longitude: if you are not using a Google Place ID, enter your location's latitude and longitude coordinates.
      • Not sure how to find these? Go to Google Maps and look up your location. Then, right click on it and select "What's Here" to view the latitude and longitude for that point.
      • Unlike when using a Place ID, your location will not be indicated by a marker on the Google Map. Rather, the map will display centered on your location.
    4. After you enter either a Place ID or latitude & longitude, the Google Map Preview will show you how the map will appear on your event pages.
The Geolocation options
  1. Submit your changes.