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Changing an event's audience, category, and color

  1. Click on the event you want to modify on your calendar. This will launch the Event Details window.
  2. Click on the Modify Single Event button. If this is a repeating event, you can also edit every event in the series -- here's how:
    1. Expand the Modify Single Event dropdown by clicking on the down arrow () button.
    2. Select Modify All Recurring Events from the dropdown menu.
  3. Make any needed changes to the event's audience, categories, and color in the Event Details section.
    1. Audiences: assigning audiences to your events can help patrons find events best suited for them. 
      • Not seeing the Audiences field? That means no audience types have been added to your system.
      • Unlike categories, only admins can add new audiences.
    2. Category: assigning categories to your events is a helpful way to keep your events organized. When browsing your calendar, both you and your patrons can filter events by category to make them easier to find.
      • The category you need not listed? Select Add New Category from the list to create one on the fly.
      • Each category has a name and assigned color. The color of the event will be determined by the first category you select.
    3. Color: if you'd like to change the color of the event on the calendar to make it stand out, choose from one of the preset color icons or add the hex code for a custom color.​​
  4. Submit your changes.

Example of clicking on an event to modify

Example of modifying a single event

Example of modifying an events audience, category and color 

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