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View and manage an event's waiting list

  1. Click on the event you want to manage on your calendar. This will launch the Event Details window.
  2. Click on the Manage Event button.

All of the options for managing an event's attendees can be found by clicking the Manage Event button. This includes:

  • Viewing an event's overview and adding notes
  • Managing registrations
  • Managing the wait list
  • Tracking cancelled registrations
  • Emailing attendees
  • Creating an event button

Example of clicking on an event to modify

Example of going to manage an event

Waitlist tab

The Waitlist tab is where you can manage all of the attendees currently on your waiting list. This tab will only appear if you enabled the waiting list option in your​ event's settings. (Please note that there is no limit to the number of people who can register for a waitling list.)

Options for managing the waiting list

  1. To add a new person to the list, click on the  New Attendee button. This will allow you to complete the event's booking form to sign the person up.
  2. To print a copy of the current waiting list, click on the  Print button.
  3. To export a copy of the current waiting list, click on the  Excel button to download it in CSV format.
  4. Click the Columns button to show or hide columns in the attendee list. This includes columns that are hidden by default, such as status, payments, and custom registration form fields.
  5. Click on the View User History () icon in the Actions column to see a list of every event that user has signed up for (based on their email address). This will give you a list of each event, along with their registration & attendance status.
  6. Click on the Edit Registration () icon in the Actions column to edit that user's registration information, including their name, email address, and registration form responses.
  7. Click on the Cancel Registration () icon in the Actions column to remove an attendee from the list. This will move them to list under the Cancelled tab so you can keep track of which users cancelled their registrations.
    • Attendees will not be notified if you cancel their registration. 
  8. Click on the Move Up List () icon in the Actions column to move that person up one position in the waiting list. The person at the top of the list will be the first one registered if a seat becomes available.

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