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Equipment: View and export bookings using the booking explorer

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The Booking Explorer allows you to view and export your booking data, which can be helpful if you ever need to do a detailed analysis of your bookings. From here you are also able to make edits (to booking form responses, the date/time of bookings, the items booked, etc.), cancel bookings (single or in bulk), email patrons and see their booking history, accept pending payments, and more.

To search for current, future, or past bookings, head to Equipment > Booking Explorer. From here you can:

  1. Select the Location you want to view from the dropdown at the top of the page.
  2. Use the Category dropdown to view only bookings for a specific category within the location.
  3. Use the Status dropdown to view only bookings with a specific status (tentative, confirmed, cancelled, etc.). You can select one or more statuses, or choose "Show All" to include all statuses. 
  4. Use the Date filter to view bookings within a specific date range.
  5. Use the Grouping dropdown to choose whether or not to group bookings together.
    • Show Each Booking: this option will show each booking individually.
    • Group By Email: this will group bookings together by patron, using their email address, showing you the total number of bookings and minutes per person.
    • Group By Item: this will group bookings together by item, showing you the total number of bookings and minutes per item.
  6. Use the Search field to search for bookings by keywords in the patron's email address, patron's name, account information passed via LibAuth, the booking's form answers, by item barcodes, or internal notes.
  7. To search for bookings system-wide, select the Search All Locations checkbox.
  8. Use the Go button to apply your filters.
  9. To export the list of bookings, click the Export button.
  10. Click on the Booking ID to view the booking's details, edit its booking form details, and view & add internal notes.
  11. Click on the patron's Email Address to send the patron an email.
  12. For future bookings, click on the To date & time. This will allow you to update the start and end dates/times for the booking.
  13. For bookings that are linked to an event, click on the Event title to view the event's details. This will allow you to manage or edit the linked event.
  14. If billing is enabled for a category, bookings that have unpaid charges will display a status of Confirmed (Payment Pending) or Mediated Approved (Payment Pending). Clicking this status will allow you to record an in-person payment for that booking, which will in turn update the status to Confirmed or Mediate Approved.
  15. To copy a booking's form info (i.e. patron name, email, and other form fields) into a brand new booking, click on the Copy () icon next to that booking's ID. Learn more about copying bookings...
  16. Click on the User History () icon for a patron to see the number of bookings they have made previously.
  17. Admin-level users are able to select and cancel multiple bookings at once (using the checkboxes in the first column). Learn more about bulk cancelling bookings...

Viewing the Booking Explorer