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Equipment: Checking in items and collecting fines

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To check items in, go to Equipment > Check In. This tab contains a green badge showing the total number of items due back on the current date.

Navigating to the Equipment Check In page

Check in items

Admin users and regular-level users with permission to check items out/in can check in items. Here's how:

  1. Select the Location of items you want to review, using the dropdown at the top of the page. This will display all items awaiting check in for that location.
    1. Select a Category from the dropdown to view bookings from only that category.
    2. By default, all bookings due within the next 4 hours will display by default. Use the Show Bookings dropdown to increase that window.
    3. To search for bookings for a specific patron, enter the patron's Name, Email Address, or Booking ID In the Search for Borrower field to search for a specific booking.
    4. To search all bookings in your system, select the Search All Locations checkbox.
    5. Click the Go button to apply your filters.
  2. All of the bookings meeting your criteria will display, grouped by patron.
    1. Click on the patron's email address to send them an email.
    2. Click on the return date & time to change when the item is due.
    3. Click on the booking ID to view all of the booking's information. From here, you can change the booking form information or leave internal notes.
    4. Click the Copy Booking Details () button to create a new booking from the current booking. This will create a new booking, but pre-fill the booking form with the details that were used for the current booking. 
  3. ​For each item you want to check in, select its Check this item in checkbox.
    1. If the booking is overdue and there is a fine for the late return, you can click the Adjust Fine button to make changes to the fine amount.
    2. Some items may have a Check In Procedure note below the checkbox. This can help you remember any special procedures that are required before checking in the item.
    3. To select, or deselect, every item on the page, click on the Select/Deselect All button.
  4. Once you've selected the items to check out, click on the Check In / Return Selected Items button. An Item Checked In message will display for each item checked in.

Checking in an item

Collect and adjust fines

If an overdue item has accrued fines, a red alert message will appear. To collect or adjust the fine amount:

  1. Click on the Adjust Fine button.

Screenshot highlighting the Adjust Fine button on the check-in page

  1. To modify the fine, enter a new amount in the Fine Amount field. To waive the fine, enter 0.
  2. To record payment at check-in, enter the amount being paid in the Paid Amount field.
  3. Click on the Adjust Fine button.

Example of adjusting or paying a fine.

While an item remains overdue, it will not appear as available in the public catalog for the current day. This will prevent users from placing new bookings for an item that hasn't yet been returned, just in case the item becomes long overdue or goes missing.