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Equipment: Managing and processing fines from overdue items

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Viewing fines

To view and collect fines for overdue equipment, go to Equipment > Fines.

Example of getting to the Fines page

By default, LibCal will display all outstanding fines, grouped by patron. This will give you a quick glance at how much each patron owes. However, if you need a different view of your fines, you can apply the following filters:

  1. If you want to display the total amount owed by each patron, select "Group by Patron Email" from the Group dropdown. Otherwise, select "Show Individual Fines" to view an itemized list of fines.
  2. You can use the Status filter to toggle between outstanding and paid fines. To view both paid and outstanding fines together, select "Show All".
  3. Click the Go button to apply your filters.
  4. Use the Columns button to control the columns displayed.
  5. Use the Search box to filter by keywords in the patron's email address (and item name, if you're viewing individual fines).
  6. Click the Export button to export the current list of fines to a CSV file.

Example of viewing and filtering fines 

Recording a payment

  1. Click on the Make Payment () icon in the Actions column.

Screenshot highlighting the Make Payment icon

  1. Enter the Amount Being Paid or click the Full Amount button to enter the balance due.
  2. Click the Accept Payment button.

Example of recording a payment

View Payment History

To view the payment history for a patron or an individual fine, click on the View Payment History () icon in the Actions column.

Screenshot highlighting the View Payment History icon

Generating an invoice

If you ever need to generate an invoice listing all outstanding fines for a patron, click on the Generate Invoice () icon in the Actions column. This will open a print-friendly, itemized invoice in a new window, which can be helpful if you need to mail an invoice or provide a paper record for accounts receivable, collections, etc.

NOTE: this option only appears when you're grouping your fines by patron email address.

Screenshot highlighting the Generate Invoice icon

Emailing a patron

You can also send an email notification to a patron reminding them of their overdue fines. (NOTE: this option is only available when you're grouping your fines by patron email address.)

  1. Click on the Email Patron () icon in the Actions column.

Screenshot highlighting the Email Patron icon

  1. Edit the patron's email address, if needed, in the To field.
  2. If the patron replies to your message, it will be sent to the address in the Reply To field. The default will be the Admin Email under Admin > System Settings, but you can change this if needed.
  3. Customize the text of the email's Subject line, if needed.
  4. Customize the text of the Message, if needed. This is what will appear in the body of the email.
  5. Click the Send Email button.

Example of sending an email to a patron