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Events & Integrations: Sync events in a LibCal calendar with Google Calendar

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The Google Calendar integration allows you to automatically add your LibCal calendar events to one of your Google Calendars making it a great way to easily keep tabs on upcoming events.

For example, as you add events to your Instruction calendar, they could appear on an internal Google calendar shared by your reference and instruction librarians. That way, they don't have to log into LibCal to see upcoming sessions.

Step 1. Connect to your Google Calendar

Before you begin, you must first set up a Google Service account and give it permission to manage events in your Google Calendar.

  1. Click on Events from the command bar.
  2. Click on the calendar's title from the Modify/View Calendar column on the Calendar List tab.
navigating to a calendar's admin page
  1. Click on the Integrations tab.
  2. From the Google Calendar panel, in the Email Address field, enter the email address for your Google Service Account (aka your Google Service Account ID).
  3. In the Google Calendar ID field, enter your Google Calendar address (aka your Calendar ID).
  4. For the JSON/P12 Key File, click on the Select file button and upload your saved P12 or JSON key file.
  5. Click the Save button.
Example of setting up Google Calendar sync

Step 2. Export existing events from LibCal to your Google Calendar

Once you've connected your account, you have the option of exporting any of your existing events to your Google Calendar.

  1. Click the Test & Verify Connection button.
    • If the test was not successful, an error message will display that may indicate the problem.
    • Make sure all four pieces of information you provided in the Google Calendar Sync settings are correct and do not contain any spaces.
  2. If the test is successful AND there are events in the LibCal Calendar that you want to put into your Google Calendar, click the Run the export button to export the events to your Google Calendar
    • If the initial export resulted in an error, please click the support tab in your system and we'll take a look.
    • Note: when running any future connection tests, you will also be given the option to re-run the export for any unsynced events.
Example of running the initial import

No existing events? No problem!

Click the Test & Verify your Connection button.  If the test is successful, the events that you create subsequently in your LibCal Calendar will appear in just a few seconds in your Google Calendar.

Disconnect your calendar

If you no longer want to sync events from your LibCal calendar to your Google calendar, you can disconnect your Google Service Account. Just click on the Disconnect button.

Example of disconnecting your Google Calendar

When you disconnect your Google Calendar from LibCal, this will not remove any of the imported events from your Google Calendar. You would need to manually delete those.