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Sync a space category's bookings with a Google Calendar

Google Calendar sync can be enabled in each space category. To get started, go to Admin > Equipment & Spaces. Then, locate the location containing the category you want to sync and click on its link in the Spaces column.

Navigating to a location's spaces

Step 1. Connect a space category to your Google Calendar

Google Calendar sync can be enabled separately in each space category's settings. That gives you the option to only sync specific categories of spaces, and/or sync each category to a separate Google Calendar.

Before you begin, you must first set up a Google Service account and give it permission to manage events in your Google Calendar. See the Links & Files section below for more information.

  1. Click on the  Edit Category button for the category you'd like to sync.
  2. Click on the Google Calendar Sync tab.
  3. In the Email Address field, enter the email address for your Google Service Account (aka your Google Service Account ID).
  4. In the Google Calendar ID field, enter your Google Calendar address (aka your Calendar ID).
  5. For the JSON Key File, click on the Select file button and upload your saved JSON key file.
  6. Click the Save & Test Settings button.
    • If the test is successful, a confirmation message will appear. This means all new bookings will now sync to your calendar!
    • Otherwise, an error message will appear providing more information. Correct your settings and try again.

Clicking the Edit Category button

Setting up Google Calendar sync 

Step 2. Export existing bookings to your Google Calendar

Once you've connected your account, you have the option of exporting your future bookings to your Google Calendar. The bulk export can be run multiple times, which is helpful if you switch to a different calendar or syncing was interrupted for some reason. 

Please note: each time you run the export, only future bookings that have not already been synced to a calendar will be exported. If an event has already been synced to a calendar, it will not be included in future exports.

  1. Click the Run the Export button to import the bookings to your Google Calendar
  2. If the export was successful, a confirmation message will appear.
    • Run into an error message? Confirm and test your settings, making any needed changes. Then, refresh the page and try again.
    • If you need any help, contact the Springy Support team.

Running the export

Success message

How do I know if a booking synced?

When viewing a booking's details, look for the Google Sync ID for each date/time in the booking. Clicking on a sync ID will take you to that date on your Google Calendar.

Booking details displaying a Google Sync ID‚Äč

Disconnecting your Google Calendar

If you no longer want to sync space bookings from LibCal to your Google calendar, you can disconnect your Google Service Account. Just click on the Disconnect button.

When you disconnect your Google Calendar from LibCal, this will not remove any of the imported bookings from your Google Calendar. You would need to manually delete those.

Disconnecting from Google Calendar

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