Customize your personal appointment booking form

When patrons schedule an appointment with you, they will need to fill out a form. By default, the form will ask the user to enter their name and email address. However, you can customize the form to add additional questions, up to 10 total. For example, you could use this to gather information about the type of patron requesting the appointment (e.g. undergraduate, etc.), or the purpose of the appointment (e.g. starting a research project, genaeology, etc.).

To customize your personal appointment booking form by going to Appointments > My Settings.

The My Settings tab on the Appointments page

Adding questions

  1. In the Appointment Form Settings panel, click on the Add Question button.
  2. In the Add Question window, enter the question you want to ask the patron in the Text field. This will appear as the question's label on the form.
  3. Select the type of question you want to add from the Type dropdown. You can add the following field types:
    • Radio buttons
    • Checkboxes
    • Dropdown
    • Single-line text
    • Multi-line text
  4. If you'd like, use the Required options to choose whether or not this question is required before submitting the form.
    • Patrons must provide an answer to this question: when selected, this will be a required field. Users will not be able to submit your booking form without answering it.
    • This is an optional questions: users will not be required to answer the question when booking an appointment.
  5. If you selected Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, or Dropdown, use the Selections field and Add Selection button to add options.
    1. To remove an option from the list, click on its trash can () button.
  6. Click the Add Question button to ave your changes.

Screenshot highlighting the Add Question button

The Add Question window 

Managing questions

  1. To edit a question, click on its cog () icon.
  2. To delete a question, click on its trash can () icon.
    • NOTE: this will remove the question from previously-submitted bookings, as well, so you will lose all responses for this question.

Options to edit or delete questions 

Appointment Form Question Order

If you add 2 or more custom questions to your form, you can change their order at any time. (Note: you cannot change the order of the Name and Email fields -- those are always at the top of the form.)

  1. In the Appointment Form Question Order panel, drag and drop your custom questions into a new order.
  2. Click on the Update Order button.
    • NOTE: if you have already collected responses to this form, keep in mind that those booking form responses may not match future bookings.

The Appointment Form Question Order panel

Appointment Form File Uploads

In addition to adding additional questions to your appointment form, you can also allow patrons to upload files with their submissions. This can be helpful, for example, if a patron needs help reviewing a research paper.

  1. In the Appointment Form File Uploads panel, toggle the File Uploads option to enable or disable this field.
    • File uploads disabled: when this option is selected, no file upload field will appear on your appointment form.
    • Allow patrons to upload files along with their appointment booking: when this option is selected, users will see a field on your appointment form where they can either select or drag and drop a file to attach to their submission.
  2. In the Help Text text box, you can optionally customize the help text that appears inside the file upload area on your form. For simple changes, replace the text inside of the existing <strong></strong> and <span></span> tags (shown highlighted in the screenshot).
    1. To revert back to the default text, click on the Restore Default Help Text‚Äč.
  3. Click the Save button.

The Appointment Form File Uploads field 

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