Add an appointment to your schedule

You can add an appointment with a patron at any time. For example, if you are helping a patron over the phone and you want to arrange for an in-person consultation, you can add the appointment yourself without having to use the public booking page.

  1. Click on Appointments in the orange command bar.
  2. Under the My Appointments tab, click the Add New Booking button (below the mini-calendar).
    • Or, click on any green square in the mini-calendar to start a new booking at that time.

The Add New Booking button under the My Appointments tab

  1. In the Add Appointment window, use the Date field to select a date for the appointment.
  2. From the Location dropdown, select at which location the appointment will be.
  3. From the Group dropdown, you can select the relevant appointment group from that location.
  4. If your admin has enabled Appointment Categories for Appointments, use the Type dropdown select the type of session you wish to schedule. This will determine the duration of the appointment.
    • The list will be divided into two sections: Supported Categories and Other Categories in System.
    • Under Supported Categories, you'll find the categories assigned to the appointment group that you selected in Step 5.
    • Under Other Categories in System, you'll find a list of all other appointment categories.
  5. The Times field will update automatically to show all currently available times based upon the selected date, location, group, and appointment type. Select the time you would like to book.
  6. Enter the patron's information into the booking form.
    1. If you would also like to fill out your custom booking form fields, click the Enter Optional Form Details button to display them.
  7. Use the Send confirmation email to user checkbox to toggle whether or not to send the user an email notification confirming their appointment.
    1. Use the Email Note text box if you'd like to add an optional message to that email.
  8. Click the Add Appointment button.

The Add Appointment window 

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