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How to manage or cancel your appointments with patrons

  1. Click on Appointments in the orange command bar.
  2. Under the My Appointments tab, your upcoming appointments will display by default.
    1. Click on the View Past Appointments button to view your most recent past appointments instead.
    2. Use the Back () and Forward () buttons in the mini-calendar to navigate between weeks.
    3. Click on the current week to launch the date picker. When you select a date, you'll be taken to the corresponding week where that date falls.
    4. Click on a date to view a list of all appointments that day.
    5. All time slots with confirmed appointments will be colored red. Click on an appointment slot to view its details.
      • Please note: if your appointment includes padding time, that padding will be reflected in the calendar -- but not in the appointment's When date.
      • For example, if you have a 45 minute appointment time with 15 minutes of padding, you will see a 60-minute red slot for that appointment.
      • If you click on that time slot, the appointment's When field will only reflect the actual 45 minute appointment time -- not the padding.
  3. Each appointment will be listed in its own panel next to the mini-calendar, listing its details and with various options for managing the appointment.
    1. To edit an appointment's booking form details, including the patron's name and email address, click on the edit () icon next to the Full Name.
    2. To reschedule an appointment (including assigning it to a different user), click on the edit () icon next to the When date.
    3. To leave an internal note with this appointment, click on the edit () icon next to the Internal Notes field.
    4. To make changes to the follow-up email text for just that individual appointment, click on the edit () icon next to the Follow-up date.
    5. To cancel an appointment, click on the trash can () icon next to the When date.
      • When cancelling an appointment, you can choose to send an email to the patron to notify them of the cancelation. 
    6. To record whether a patron showed up for their appointment, toggle the User Showed Up options accordingly. Appointments marked explicitly Yes or No will be included in your appointment statistics.

Viewing appointments under the My Appointments tab 

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