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Appointments: Using the Appointments Booking Explorer

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The Appointments Booking Explorer makes it easy to search, browse, and export appointment booking data for all users who have Appointments enabled for their accounts.

For Regular accounts with Appointments enabled, access to the explorer can be controlled with permission settings to have: no access, access to their appointments only, or access to all user appointments.

The Appointments Booking Explorer

  1. Click on Appointments in the orange command bar.
  2. Click on the Booking Explorer tab.
  3. Use the filters at the top of the page to set your search criteria.
    1. User: you can choose to display appointments for a specific user, multiple users, or all users together.
      • If a Regular user only has access to their own appointments, no other users will be displayed in the dropdown.
    2. Location: you can either limit the list to a single location, or all locations together.
    3. Group: when you select a specific location, you can either limit to a single group in that location, or all groups together.
    4. Category: if appointment categories are enabled, you can either limit to a single category or show appointments in any category.
    5. Status: you can limit the list to only active or cancelled appointments, or show appointments of all statuses together.
    6. Date: select which appointment dates you want to include in your report.
    7. Search: you can filter the list by keywords in the patron's email address, name, or in the booking form responses.
  4. Once you've applied your filters, click the Go button to generate your report.
    1. To export the current report to CSV, click on the Export button.
      • The file will include all visible fields on the page.
      • If you have filtered the report to view only a single user, the export file will include that user's custom booking form fields.
    2. To show or hide columns in the table, click on the Visibility button and toggle each column on or off by clicking on it.
    3. Sort by any column by clicking on its column heading.
    4. The Status column will show you the current status of the appointments -- Active or Cancelled. For cancelled appointments, you can hover over the icon to see the exact date and time that it was cancelled.
    5. Users with access to the Appointments Booking Explorer are able to select and cancel multiple appointments at once. Learn more about bulk canceling appointments.

Manage bookings via the Booking Explorer

  1. In the Booking Explorer table, find the booking you want to edit and click on its Booking ID.

Clicking the ID in the Booking ID column

  1. In the Booking Details window that appears:
    1. To edit the appointment's details (i.e. name and booking form responses), click on the edit () icon next to the patron's Full Name.
    2. To reschedule the appointment, click the edit () icon next to the When date & time
    3. To cancel the appointment, click on the trash () icon next to the When data & time.
    4. To add an internal note, click on the edit () icon in the Internal Notes field.
    5. To set the User Showed Up status, use the Yes or No radio buttons.
    6. To customize the text of the follow-up email (if it's not been sent yet), click on the edit () icon next to the Follow-up date & time.

The Booking Details modal