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Integrations: Sync your Appointments availability with your LibStaffer shifts

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If your library subscribes to LibStaffer, setting this option to enabled will sync your LibStaffer shifts with your Appointments availability times.

If you are scheduled for a shift during one of your availability times, they will automatically be marked as busy in your Appointments schedule. This will prevent patrons from scheduling appointments with you when you're on the reference desk, for example.

To enable LibStaffer syncing:

  1. Click on Appointments in the command bar.
  2. Click on the Integrations tab.
  3. In the LibStaffer Sync panel, set the LibStaffer Shift Sync option to Sync LibStaffer shifts with Appointments availability.
    • To disable syncing at any time, simply return to this page and change the LibStaffer Shift Sync option to Disabled.

Once enabled, times you are scheduled for shifts in LibStaffer will display as yellow in your appointment scheduler under the My Appointments tab.

The LibStaffer Sync options under the Integrations tab

Example of availability times showing as busy in LibStaffer