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Sync your Appointments schedule with a Google Calendar

Syncing your Appointments schedule with your Google Calendar is an easy way to prevent double-booking yourself! Whenever someone books an appointment with you, or you add a new appointment yourself, that event will be added automatically to your Google Calendar. If you use Google Calendar as your primary calendar app, this make sure you're always on time for your next appointment. :)

You also have the option of having LibCal check your Google Calendar for your free and busy times. This helps prevent patrons from scheduling appointments with you whenever there's an event already on your calendar, such as a meeting or reference desk shift.

  • NOTE: in order for LibCal to check your free/busy times, you must first add availability times to your My Scheduler. LibCal will then check those availability times against your Google Calendar to see if there are any conflicts.
  • If you happen to be busy during one of your availability times, it will be marked as unavailable on your Appointments schedule, preventing an appointment from being scheduled during that time.
Please note: Google Calendar sync is not available with the free LibCal subscription tier. If you are interested in upgrading to a paid subscription so you can take advantage of syncing your appointments with your Google calendar, please contact our Springy Sales Team.

Getting there

To manage your Google Calendar sync settings, go to Appointments > Integrations.

Navigating to the Integrations tab on the Appointments page

Step 1. Connect your Google Calendar

Please note: you must first prepare your Google Calendar for syncing with LibCal. For more info on this, please see the Links & Files section below. 

  1. In the Google Service Account panel, enter the email address for your Google Service Account (aka your Google Service Account ID) in the Email Address field.
  2. In the Google Calendar ID field, enter your Google Calendar address (aka your Calendar ID).
  3. For the P12 Key File, click on the Select file button and upload your saved P12 key file.
  4. If you would like LibCal to check your Google Calendar to see when you're free and busy, select the Check Free/Busy times checkbox.
  5. Click the Save button.

Example of connecting a Google Service Account

Step 2. Import your existing appointments to your Google Calendar

Once you've connected your account, you have the option of importing any of your existing appointments to your Google Calendar. Here's how:

  1. Click the Test & Verify Connection button.
    • If the test was not successful, an error message will display that may indicate the problem.
    • Make sure all four pieces of information you provided in the Google Calendar Sync settings are correct and do not contain any spaces.
  2. If the test is successful AND there are events in the LibCal Calendar that you want to put into your Google Calendar, click the Run Initial Import button to import the appointments to your Google Calendar
    • If the initial import resulted in an error, please click the support tab in your system and we'll take a look.

No existing appointments? No problem!

Click the Test Connection button.  If the test is successful, appointments that you create subsequently in your LibCal Calendar will appear in just a few seconds in your Google Calendar.

Example of running the initial import

Checking your calendar's sync status

After you have established the sync with your Appointments module, you can view the time of the last sync on the My Appointments tab below the availability grid and on the Integrations tab in the box header for the sync's configuration. 

Example of the My Appointments tab with sync time highlighted

Example of the Integrations tab with the sync time highlighted

Note: if there are any issues with your sync, you'll see an alert on your My Appointments tab.

Disconnecting your Google Calendar

If you no longer want to sync your Appointments module to your Google calendar, you can disconnect your Google Service Account. Just click on the Disconnect button.

Example of disconnecting your Google Calendar

When you disconnect your Google Calendar from LibCal, this will not remove any of the imported appointments from your Google Calendar. You would need to manually delete those.

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