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Equipment: View an inventory list of your items

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The Equipment Inventory report allows you to generate a customized list of equipment items by location, category, and/or status. These lists can be helpful if you want to quickly check the status and availability of your equipment, or if you need to run an inventory check of your equipment. Each list you create can be sorted, searched, and exported.

To get started, go to Admin > Spaces & Equipment > Equipment Inventory.

Navigating to the Item Inventory page

Filter the inventory report

  1. Use the fields at the top of the page to filter the items included in the inventory list.
    1. Location: you can either select a single location or view all locations at once.
    2. Category: when a single location is selected, you can either view items in a single category or in all categories at once.
    3. Status: you can choose whether to view all items, or limit only to items with a specific status (Active, Inactive, or Lost/Broken).
  2. When you've selected your filters, click the Go button to update the report.
    1. To show or hide columns in the report's table, click on the Columns button.
      • A dropdown will appear listing all available fields.
      • Click on any field to toggle its visibility (visible fields are highlighted).
    2. Click the Export button to export the current set of records to CSV.
    3. Use the Search field to filter the report by keyword.
    4. Click on any column heading to sort by that field.

Example of an Item Inventory report