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How do I enable the Equipment booking module in LibCal?

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The Equipment booking module is available as a paid add-on to your LibCal subscription, allowing you to add, manage, reserve, and circulate equipment across one or more library locations. Key features include:

  • Public booking catalog, making it easy for patrons to book equipment online.
  • Automated notification emails, overdues, and fines management.
  • Flexible options for customizing booking limits, availability times, booking request forms, and email templates.
  • Integrates with LibAuth, allowing you to require patrons to authenticate via SAML, Shibboleth, ADFS, CAS, LDAP, SIP2, or your own custom authentication system before submitting a booking.
  • Easy-to-use staff interfaces for adding and managing bookings, overdues, fines, and inventory.
  • Powerful statistics for analyzing your equipment bookings.

If you do not currently subscribe to the Equipment booking module, you can contact our Springy Sales Team about a quote and free trial today!