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Spaces & Equipment: Book a space and equipment item at the same time

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Bookings can contain both spaces and items. This can be done in any of the following ways:

  • From the public space booking page. When starting a new space booking from the public interface, click the Add Equipment button once you've selected your space(s). This will take you to the public equipment booking page, where you can add equipment and submit the entire booking.

The Add Equipment button on the public space booking page

  • When creating a single or recurring booking from the staff interface. When logged into LibCal, staff users can combine spaces and equipment items when creating single or recurring bookings. This can be done when adding bookings under Spaces > Availability or Equipment > Booking Grid & Availability -- simply click on the Add Item or Add Space buttons after selecting a start date in the Add Booking window.

The Add Item and Add Space buttons in the Add Booking window