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Billing: How to view and manage all billing charges in LibCal

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LibCal keeps records of all outstanding, paid, and refunded charges from your events and bookings. Admin users can view all of these in one place by going to Admin > Billing, under the Charges tab.

Options under the Charges tab

  1. Use the filters at the top of the page to limit the list by source, date range, and status.
    • Source: you can choose to limit the list to just space bookings or event registrations.
      • If you select Spaces, you will also be able to filter by location.
      • If you select Events, you will also be able to search for events by title.
    • Date: you can use the date pickers to limit the list by transaction date (this will be the date the booking or registration was submitted, which may not necessarily be the date of the booking or event itself).
    • Status: you can choose to limit the list to show only Outstanding, Paid, or Refunded charges.
  2. Use the Search field to further limit the list by email address, date, booking ID, amount, or status.
  3. Click on any column heading to sort by that column in ascending order. Click it again to switch to descending order.
  4. In the Source column, click on the booking ID to view more details about the associated booking or event registration.
    • While viewing a booking or registration, you will be able to add an internal note.
    • Event registrations will also include a link to the event's Manage Event page, where you can view and manage its attendees.
  5. For paid and refunded charges, click on the links in the Status column to view more details about the transaction.
    • This will include timestamps for when payments and refunds were processed by your payment processor.
    • You'll also find a link to view the transaction directly in your payment processor account.
  6. For outstanding charges, click on the Accept In-Person Payment () icon in the Actions column to record an in-person payment.
  7. If a refund is due for a booking that was paid in person, but later cancelled, click on the Issue Refund () icon in the Actions column.
  8. To export the current list of charges to CSV, click on the Export Data button.