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View a calendar of all confirmed space bookings

The Confirmed Bookings page provides staff with a print-friendly calendar view of your system's confirmed bookings.

  1. Log into LibCal and click on Spaces in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Confirmed Bookings tab.
  3. Use the dropdowns at the top of the page to select the location and category you want to view in the calendar.
  4. Use the checkboxes in the first column to toggle the visibility of individual spaces in your calendar.
    1. Click the Toggle All option to change the visibility of all spaces in the list at once.
    2. Click on the All spaces from all locations checkbox to view all spaces in your calendar, not just the ones in the current location.
  5. Use the Go to Date, back, and forward buttons to navigate between dates in your calendar. Click Today to quickly return to the current date.
    1. To update the calendar to check for newly-confirmed bookings, click on the Refresh () button.
  6. Use the calendar view buttons to switch between DayWeekMonth, and Agenda (list) view.
  7. To view or edit a booking's details, simply click on it in the calendar.
    1. The Booking Details panel will display below the calendar, where you can edit or cancel the booking, mark users as showed up, and add internal notes.

To print the current view of your calendar, simply use your browser's Print function. The print view hides everything but the calendar itself, which should optimize it's space on the page.

The Confirmed Bookings calendar and its view options

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