How to confirm a patron's tentative space booking

When your location has the Require 2 Step Email Verification option enabled for new bookings, patrons will receive an email containing a link they must click to confirm their booking. Otherwise, the booking will expire after the amount of time you specify in your location's settings.

In addition to the patrons clicking a link, staff users can also confirm a patron's booking on their behalf. Here's how:

  1. Log into LibCal and click on Spaces in the navigation bar.
  2. Navigate to the Location and Category for the booking.
  3. Under the Availability tab, click on the booking in the availability grid.
  4. In the Booking Details panel that appears, click on the  Confirm Booking button.

The Confirm Booking button in the Booking Details panel

  1. In the Confirm Tentative Booking window, click the Confirm Booking button to proceed.

The Confirm Tentative Booking window

The booking's status will be updated to either Confirmed, Confirmed (Payment Pending), or Mediated Tentative depending upon whether billing or mediation is enabled for the booking.

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