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System Settings: Configure your system's default geolocation for calendar events

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By setting a geolocation in your system settings, you can display a Google Map of your location on your public event pages. This will serve as your institutional geolocation, and will display be default if you do not provide a more specific geolocation for an individual event, or the campus assigned to an event. Providing a geolocation can help patrons more easily find your library, especially since Google Maps can provide driving, walking, and transit directions to most places.

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
Getting to System Settings panel
  1. Under the System Settings tab, scroll down to the Geolocation panel.
  2. The Google Place ID allows you to display your location as a marker on Google Maps. (If you enter a Place ID, the latitude and longitude fields will be disabled.)
  3. If you are not using a Google Place ID, enter your latitude and longitude coordinates.
    • Not sure how to find these? Go to Google Maps and look up your location. Then, right click on it and select "What's Here" to view the latitude and longitude for that point.
    • Unlike when using a Place ID, your location will not be indicated by a marker on the Google Map. Rather, the map will display centered on your location.
  4. After you enter either a Place ID or latitude & longitude, the Google Map Preview will show you how the map will appear on your event pages.
  5. Click the Save button.
Options in the Geolocation panel