How to add hours exception from the Spaces availability grid

While logged into LibCal and viewing the Spaces availability grid, Admin users can quickly add hours exceptions for the current category. The provides a convenient way to update a category's hours on the fly, which can come in handy during unexpected closings or curtailments.

  1. Log into LibCal and click on Spaces in the navigation bar.
  2. Use the Location and Category dropdowns at the top of the page to select the category to which you want to add an exception.
  3. Under the Availability tab, click on the Add Booking button.
  4. Select Add Hours Exception from the dropdown (only Admin users will see this option).
    • If the category is using custom hours, select a Date of ExceptionException Type, and click the Add New Exception button. Learn more...
    • If the category is linked to the Hours module, you will be prompted to add a new exception to the connected library or department's hours. Keep in mind that the exception you add here will affect all Hours widgets for that library or department, as well. Learn more...

The Add Hours Exception option in the Add Booking menu

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