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Spaces & Billing: Override the cost of a confirmed space booking

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When a space booking has a fee that hasn't been paid yet -- a booking with a Confirmed (Payment Pending) or Mediated Approved (Payment Pending) status -- you can override the cost of the booking from the Spaces > Booking Grid & Availability page. 

Note: if you have not yet set up billing for your LibCal system, please see Configuring your LibCal billing and payments settings. And for more details on paying, refunding, and viewing charges for space bookings, please see How to pay for a space booking, issue refunds, and view charges

  1. Log into LibCal and click on Spaces in the LibCal navigation bar.
  2. Under the Booking Grid & Availability tab, locate and click on the booking for which you want to override the fee.
    • Bookings with outstanding charges will have a status of Confirmed (Payment Pending) or Mediated Approved (Payment Pending), which will have a purple background by default.

A booking slot with a payment pending status

  1. In the Booking Details panel that appears, click on the Edit link for the Total Cost.

The edit link for override a booking charge

  1. In the Override Cost window, enter the new amount in the Cost Override field.
    • To cancel the charge entirely, enter 0 as the amount.
  2. Optionally, add an Override Note to indicate to your colleagues why the fee was changed.
  3. If you would like to send the user a notification email confirming the changes, select the Send confirmation email to user. 
  4. If you enabled the confirmation email option, you can use the Additional Information text box to include a message for the user. (The text of the Override Note is not sent to the user.)
  5. Click the Override Cost button to apply it.

The Override Cost modal

  1. After the cost has been overridden, the revised cost, the original cost, and the text of the Override Note will be displayed in the Booking Details.

The edited cost in the booking details