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How to cancel appointments in bulk

In the event that you need to cancel a large number of appointments bookings quickly, users with access to the Appointments Booking Explorer (Admins with Appointments enabled and regular users with Appointments enabled and permission to access the booking explorer) are able to cancel the bookings returned in the report in bulk. 

Important note about canceling appointments in bulk: any user that has been given access to the Appointments booking explorer can use the bulk cancelation tool. Please take that into consideration as you determine the appropriate permissions for the booking explorer for your regular users.

  • Admins can cancel appointments in bulk for all users or a particular user.
  • Regular users with permission to view only their appointments in the booking explorer can cancel only their bookings in bulk.
  • Regular users with permission to see all user appointments in the booking explorer can cancel appointments in bulk for all users or a particular user.
  1. Go to the Appointments module
  2. Click on the Booking Explorer tab. 
  3. Use the filters to narrow the number of bookings that are returned.
    1. Select the user that you want to cancel appointments for from the Status dropdown. If you want to view the appointments for all of the users, select All Users from the dropdown.
    2. It may be useful to use the Status filter to Active so that you don't return previously cancelled appointments in the report.
  4. Click the Go button.
  5. Select the checkboxes next to each appointment that you want to cancel or use the Select all appointments on this page checkbox to select all of the appointments on the page at once.
    • If you have selected all appointments on the page, you can uncheck the checkbox on individual appointments to have them skipped.
  6. Click the Bulk Cancel Selected Appointments link.

Options to bulk cancel appointments on the Booking Explorer page

  1. On the Bulk Cancel Appointments modal, keep the Send Email to notify users? checkbox checked to send an email out to the email address used to make each appointment.
    1. Add any information that you want to have included in the email to the users in the Additional Information box.
  2. Click the Begin Bulk Cancel button.

Options to email users on the Bulk Cancel Appointments modal

  1. After the cancelation operation is complete the modal will update to indicate how many appointments were canceled and how many were skipped.
    • Appointments will be skipped if they had been cancelled previously and the cancelation notification email will not be sent for skipped appointments.
  2. The bulk cancelation tool only processes the appointments that have been selected on the page, with a maximum of 50, so if you have additional appointments to cancel you can proceed to the next page of results or reset your filters and re-run the report to start over.

Example of the Bulk Cancel Appointments modal summary after the operation has been run

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