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Events: Add or remove file attachments from an event

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You can attach up to 5 files (maximum size per file is 20MB) to an event. Each file will be listed on the public event page, allowing attendees to download them directly. This can be helpful for sharing things like worksheets, flyers, agendas, questionnaires, articles, book lists -- well, you get the idea. :)

Public event page showing attachment download links

Pro Tip: Not seeing your attachments on the event's public page? Make sure that the Event Display & Registration box in your Event Page Editor has been updated (or switch to the default template) to include the necessary template tags.

  1. Click on the event you want to modify on your calendar. This will launch the Event Details window.

Example of clicking on an event to modify

  1. Click on the Modify Single Event button. 
    1. Expand the Modify Single Event dropdown by clicking on the down arrow () button.
    2. Note: Attachments cannot be edited for all recurring events in a series -- only for single events in the recurring event.

 Example of modifying a single event

  1. Scroll down to the Attachments section to manage the files attached to the event.
    1. Click the Attach file button to select and upload a file from your computer.
    2. To download a file, click on the file name link.
    3. To remove a file, click on the trash can () icon next to its file name.
  2. When finished, click the Submit button to save your changes.

Attachments options for an event