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Seats: view and edit a booking's details

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To add seat bookings via the staff interface:

  1. Click on Spaces in the command bar.
  2. Click on the Booking Grid & Availability tab.
  3. Select the Location you wish to view.
  4. From the filters, first select the Category and Space containing the seats you want to view. (You can also filter by Zone, as well as by accessible and/or powered seats if you'd like, but it's not required.)
  5. Click the Go button to load the booking grid.

the category and space filters

Please note: your category booking limits do not apply to bookings created via this page. This means staff users can create or modify bookings that start/end beyond your opening hours, exceed your maximum durations, override daily/weekly/monthly limits, etc.

Via the Availability tab

To view a booking, click on its time slot in the availability table. This will display its Booking Details below the table.

Example of clicking on a booking to view its details

Booking details panel

In the booking's details, you'll find the booking form responses, along with each seat in the booking (if additional seats, whole spaces, or equipment were booked with this seat, those will be listed, too).

Viewing a booking's details and options

  1. Click on the Full Name to:
    • Edit the patron's name or email address.
    • Edit the booking's public nickname (if enabled).
    • Edit responses to custom booking form questions (if used).
  2. Click on the Copy () button next to the user's email address to copy the patron's information into a new booking.
  3. Click on the History () button next to the Copy button to view a history of the user's bookings (both in this location and system wide).
  4. Click on a seat's Date/Time to:
    • Select a different seat.
    • Change the booking's start time or end time.
    • Cancel the booked seat. If there are multiple seats in this booking, only that individual seat will be canceled.
  5. If a booking is confirmed or mediated approved and the location requires seat/space booking check-in, the Check In/Out field will indicate the current check-in status. The patron's check-in code will display in parentheses: you can click this to open the check-in page to check the student in/out on their behalf.
  6. If 2-step verification is required for new bookings, you can confirm the booking on the user's behalf by clicking the  Confirm Booking button.
  7. To cancel the entire booking, click the Cancel All button. You will have the option of sending the user a cancelation notification email.
  8. Use the Internal Notes section to add notes to this booking. These can only be seen by staff members when viewing this booking.

Via the Booking Explorer tab

The Booking Explorer allows you to view and export your booking data, which can be helpful if you ever need to do a detailed analysis of your bookings.

booking explorer filter options

  1. Click on Spaces in the navigation bar.
  2. Click on the Booking Explorer tab.
  3. Select the Location you want to view from the dropdowns at the top of the page.
  4. Use the filters options to further narrow down the list of bookings.
    • Use the Zone dropdown to view only seat bookings for spaces assigned to a particular zone.
    • Use the Category dropdown to select the category containing the space(s) with seats. Or, set this to All Categories to view bookings from all categories in the location.
    • If you selected a category, you can use the Space dropdown to view only seat bookings from a particular space.
    • Use the Status dropdown to view only bookings with a specific status (tentative, confirmed, cancelled, etc.), or select "Show All" to view all bookings. 
    • Use the Date filter to view bookings within a specific date range.
    • Use the Grouping dropdown to choose whether or not to group bookings together.
      • Show Each Booking: this option will show each booking individually.
      • Group By Email: this will group bookings together by patron, using their email address, showing you the total number of bookings and minutes per person.
      • Group By Room: this will group bookings together by room, showing you the total number of bookings and minutes per space. Note that this will not group by seat, rather by the containing space as a whole.
    • Use the Search field to search for bookings by keywords in either the patron's email address, patron's name, booking's public nickname, or the booking's form answers.
    • To search for bookings system-wide, select the Search All Locations checkbox.
  5. Click the Go button to apply your filters.

options to view and manage bookings in the booking explorer

After applying your filters, use the options in the list of bookings to view or manage them.

  1. To export the filtered list of bookings, click the Export button.
  2. Click on a Booking ID to view the booking's details, edit its booking form details, and view & add internal notes.
    • If 2-step verification is required for new bookings, you can confirm the booking on the user's behalf by clicking the Confirm Booking button.
    • If the booking was cancelled by an admin, the name of the account that cancelled the booking will be displayed along with the date and time of the cancellation.
  3. Click on the patron's Email Address to send the patron an email.
  4. For future bookings, click on the To date & time. This will allow you to update the start and end dates/times for the booking.
  5. The Status column will display the current status of the booking.
    • If billing is enabled for a category, bookings that have unpaid charges will display a status of Confirmed (Payment Pending) or Mediated Approved (Payment Pending). Clicking this status will allow you to record an in-person payment for that booking, which will in turn update the status to Confirmed or Mediated Approved.
    • If the booking was cancelled by an admin, the name of the account that cancelled the booking will be displayed and the date and time of the cancellation will be viewable by hovering over the icon
  6. Click on the Copy () button next to a booking ID to copy the patron's information into a new booking.
  7. Click on the History () button next to the user's email address to view a history of the user's bookings (both in this location and system-wide).
  8. Use the checkboxes next to each booking to start the process for canceling bookings in bulk.