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Spaces: View and print the check in QR code for a space

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If you'd like, you can require patrons to check in when they arrive for their booking and check out when they are done. This provides you with real-time occupancy numbers for each space via the Spaces > Utilization dashboard.

Each space or seat has its own unique QR code that you can print out and attach to (or near) the seat. When the patron arrives, they scan the QR code with their smartphone. This will take them to the public check in page for that specific space where they can indicate their arrival. Once they're done, they scan the QR code again to view the check-out page.

Please note that the check in page that loads via a space's QR code will only allow check ins for that space. Users that have a booking in a different space will need to scan the code for that space, or use the Seat & Space Bookings landing page.

To view and print the QR code for a space:

  1. Go to Admin > Spaces & Equipment.

Selecting Equipment & Spaces from the Admin menu

  1. Under the Locations tab, click on the location's edit () icon in the Action column.

Clicking a location's Edit icon in the Action column

  1. Click on the Zones tab.
  2. You can find each space's QR code by clicking its QR code () icon.
    • Note: The QR code for individual seats can be found under the Seats tab when editing a space that contains seats.

Viewing the QR code for a space

This will open the QR code in a new window and prompt you to print it via your browser.

example QR code printout