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Spaces & Equipment: Enable follow-up emails for a location's bookings

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Each location allows you to enable a follow-up email, which will be sent to patrons after their space and equipment bookings. You can customize the amount of time that elapses after a booking has ended before these follow-ups are sent, with options of 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week after a booking's end time -- or, you can disable these for a location.

When customizing this setting, please keep in mind the following:

  • It applies to all space and equipment categories in your location.
  • Each location can have its own different settings.
  • This setting cannot be customized for individual categories and spaces/items.

In addition to customizing the length of time after a booking ends that the emails are sent, you can also customize the email templates for these notifications where you can opt to include a link to a LibWizard survey.

Enabling follow up emails for a location

  1. Go to Admin > Spaces & Equipment.
Selecting Equipment & Spaces from the Admin menu
  1. Under the Locations tab, click on the location's edit () icon in the Action column.
Clicking a location's Edit icon in the Action column
  1. Under the General tab, in the Email Settings panel, use the Follow Up Email dropdown to select a duration or disable the follow-ups.
    • To enable follow-ups, select a time from the dropdown (e.g. if you select 1 hour, then an email will be sent 1 hour after the booking's end time).
    • To disable follow-ups, select the "No follow up email" option.
  2. Click the Save button at the bottom of the Email Settings panel.
The Follow Up Email dropdown

Customizing the follow up email templates

Your location has a default follow-up email template, which you can customize if desired. Just head over to the location's Email Templates tab and click on the Follow Up panel.

In addition, each space category and equipment category has a partial email template that can be inserted into your location's template. When a patron books a space/item from that category, it's partial template text will be inserted in the email wherever the {{{CATEGORY}}} tag appears in the location's email template. (Please note that the {{{CATEGORY}}} tag is not included in the follow-up email template by default -- you must customize the template to insert it.)

The Follow Up email template

View when the follow-up email will be sent for a booking

When a location has follow-up emails enabled, a booking's details will include a Follow Up status. If the follow-up email has not yet been sent for a booking, this will display a timestamp for when it's scheduled to be sent.

​You can view a booking's details via the Booking Grid & AvailabilityBooking Explorer, and (for Space/Seat bookings) Confirmed Bookings tabs of the Spaces and Equipment pages.

the Booking Details panel showing a Follow Up status