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Appointments: How to host online appointments with patrons using Cisco Webex

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Authorize the Cisco Webex integration for your account

After an Admin has enabled the integration in your site, each Appointments user will need to authorize LibCal to create meetings with your Cisco Webex user account. This can only be done on a user-by-user basis in their personal LibCal account settings.

  1. Log into LibCal and click on your email address in the navigation bar. This will take you to your personal LibCal account settings page.
  2. Click on the Integrations tab.
  3. Under the Integrations tab, in the Webex: Online Appointments & Events box, click the Authorize with Webex Account button. If you are not already signed into your Webex account, you'll be prompted to do so.
the Authorize with Webex account button
Access your account settings by clicking on your email address in the navigation bar. Then, go to the Integrations tab and click the Authorize with Webex account button.
  1. If you have not already approved the app before, Webex will display a screen asking you to review the app's permissions. Click the Accept button to continue.
the Accept button in the permissions prompt
When prompted by Webex, click the Accept button to authorize the LibCal app.
  1. After you've successfully authorized the LibCal integration, you'll be taken back to LibCal where an automated test will be run to ensure that the connection between LibCal and Webex is working. (You may receive an email about a cancelled meeting after the testing completes. This is normal.)
the Testing Integration screen
After authorizing the app, LibCal will run a quick test to ensure your integration is working properly.
  1. If the test is successful, you'll see an "Authorized by Webex account..." message and a time stamp of when the authorization token was last refreshed.
    1. To disable your Webex integration, you can return to this page at any time and click the Remove Authorization button. This will prevent new online meetings from being scheduled with your Webex account.
the authorized confirmation message and remove authorization button
If successful, you'll see a confirmation message in your Webex integration settings. You can return to this screen at any time to remove the authorization for your account.

Adding availability to an online location

The process for adding availability for virtual meeting appointments is the same as it is for in-person appointments. (If you need a refresher on adding availability, see our FAQ on the process.) You just need to make sure that you have, or are adding, availability in a location that has its Meeting Type set to Online Managed or Online Hybrid, as only appointments made in an online location will be booked and connected to a Cisco Webex meeting. Admins can adjust the Meeting Type for a location from Admin > Appointments > Locations tab.

If you are unsure which locations in your system are set up for online meetings, please check with an Admin. 

Scheduling a virtual meeting appointment

For your patrons, the process for scheduling a virtual/online appointment is the same is it is for in-person appointments. Online appointments can be booked from the public appointments page and an Appointments scheduler widget.

After selecting a time for their appointment, the patron will see an additional message below the Appointment Details that indicates that they are booking an online appointment.

Example of submitting an online booking from the public page
Users will see an alert indicating that they are scheduling an online meeting and a URL will be sent to them.

Once they've confirmed the appointment the meeting's URL will be displayed on the confirmation page and in the email confirmation they receive.

Example of the confirmation page for an online appointment
Users will see the online meeting URL on the confirmation page.

Launching a virtual meeting appointment

After a patron has booked an online appointment with you, the link to start the Webex meeting will be included the confirmation email that you receive for the appointment, and in the .ics file that is attached to that confirmation email.

Example of the start meeting link in the appointment confirmation email
Patrons can click the Start Meeting link in their email to join the meeting.

Additionally, the URL join the meeting is included in the Meeting URL field for the appointment in the Upcoming Appointments section of the My Appointments tab.

Example of the join meeting link in the upcoming appointments column
Staff users can easily start the online meeting via their My Appointments page.

At the time of the appointment, click the URL from any of the above locations to start the Webex meeting with the patron.