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Mapping: Customize the space / seat status colors

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When patrons are viewing a map, spaces and seats will be color coded by their availability status.

example of an interactive map
Spaces and seats will have a different background color based on their current status.

LibCal provides a default color scheme for these statuses (e.g. green for seats available now, red for unavailable, and so on).

  1. Admin users can customize these colors by going to Maps under the Admin menu, then clicking on the Settings tab.
the color settings panel
Use the color pickers to change the color settings for your maps.
  1. In the Color Settings panel, click inside the following fields to display color pickers (you can also type in a color's HEX value if you know it):
    1. Seat/Space Available Now: this color indicates a space or seat that is currently available for booking.
    2. Seat/Space Available in Future: this color indicates a space or seat is unavailable right now, but does have times available in the future.
    3. Seat/Space Unavailable: this indicates that the space is unavailable and does not have times available in the future (i.e. no open hours are set, the seat/space has a status of inactive, etc.).
    4. Other Map: this indicates that the space is linked to another map (i.e. a container space linking to a map of individual seats that can be booked).
    5. Seat/Space Highlight: when a user follows a link to specific space/seat on a map (such as from a booking confirmation email), this color will be used to highlight it.
    6. To reset all of the above options to the default colors, click the Reset to System Defaults button.
  2. After changing colors or resetting them to system defaults, click the Save button.