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Integrations & Accounts: View the status of each user's integrations

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For any LibCal accounts that are syncing their scheduled appointments with Google Calendar or an Outlook/Exchange calendar and/or integrated with Teams, Zoom, or WebEx for online appointments and events, the Integration Status page allows Admins to view the current integration connection status of each account. This page will list every LibCal account, their current connection status to Outlook/Exchange, Google Calendar, and the selected Online Appointments & Events integrations choice (Teams, Zoom, or WebEx) -- showing any errors for each integration if there are any.

To view the current integration status for all accounts:

  1. Go to Admin > Accounts.
Selecting Accounts from the Admin menu
  1. Click on the Integration Status tab. From here you can:
    1. View the current status for an account's connection to Google Calendar.
    2. View the current status for an account's connection to Outlook/Exchange.
    3. View the current status of the selected online appointments/events integration.
      • Depending on the selected integration, this column will be TeamsWebEx, or Zoom
Viewing the Integration Status page