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Appointments: Configure the default email templates for users

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The Appointments module generates several notification emails, such as confirming new bookings and reminding patrons about their upcoming appointments. Each of these emails is automatically generated based upon a template. Admins can configure the system default email templates to better personalize the experience for patrons. The system default templates are inherited by all appointment users to use. Individual appointment users can also customize and use their own templates instead of the system defaults for further personalization.

To assist with tracking which appointment users have activated personal custom templates, the User Template Overview box shows which option is in place for each email template for all users.

Available email templates

There are several email templates available, each corresponding to a particular part of the appointment booking process:

  • Confirmation email to patron: this is sent to the user after they book their appointment.
  • Rescheduled email to patron: this is sent to the patron when an appointment is rescheduled.
  • Confirmation email to admin: this is sent to the librarian after the patron has booked their appointment.
  • Patron cancel email to patron: this is sent to the user when the patron has cancelled their own appointment.
  • Admin cancel email to patron: this is sent to the patron if the librarian has cancelled their appointment.
  • Reminder email to patron: this is an optional email that can be sent to patrons as a reminder for their appointment.
    • Use the Set up Reminders option to choose how long before an appointment to send these reminders.
    • Select "No Reminder" if you do not want to send a reminder to patrons.
  • Follow up email to patron: this is an optional email sent to the patron after the appointment has ended. This is a great way to send users a link to a feedback form or to let them know how to contact you if they need any additional help.
    • Use the Send Follow Up Emails option to choose how long after each appointment to send these emails.
    • Select "No Follow Up" if you do not want to send a follow-up email to patrons.

Set the system default email templates

To configure and set the system default email templates:

  1. Go to Admin > Appointments.
  2. Click the Email Templates tab. Each system default template appears in its own panel.
  3. To customize a template, click its panel to expand it. Here's how a template works:
    1. Use the Subject text field to customize the subject line of the email.
    2. Use the Body text box to customize the content in the body of the email.
      • The body of the email can include HTML code to help style your messages.
      • For example, to make text bold, put it inside of <strong></strong> tags.
    3. Each template uses several tags to insert information about the booking directly into the email. These can be used in both the Subject and Body of the template.
      • For example, the {{{FORM_FIELDS}}} tag will display the user's booking form responses wherever the tag appears in the email.
      • To show a tag's content only if the field contains a value put it inside of a section (i.e. {{#tagname}}...{{/tagname}}).
        • For example: {{#MY_EMAIL}} ({{MY_EMAIL}}){{/MY_EMAIL}} will only display the content between the {{#MY_EMAIL}} and {{/MY_EMAIL}} tags as long as the email field is not empty.
      • NOTE: tags are case sensitive and each template uses different tags. Note the Available Email Tags list for each template to know which ones are available.
    4. Use the Subject Preview and Body Preview areas to see how a real email notification would look. The preview will insert sample text in place of each tag to simulate the type of information that will appear.
    5. To reset a template to its default text, click on its Restore Default Template button.
  4. Once you've finished making any changes (including restoring the default text), don't forget to click the Save button.
Note: appointment times in email notifications will not include padding. For example, if you had a 45-minute appointment starting at 11:00AM with 15 minutes of padding, the user would see 11:00AM-11:45AM listed in their email notifications—not 11:00AM-12:00PM. This applies to both the {{TIME_DATE}} and {{END_TIME}} tokens.
Options for customizing an email template

User Template Overview

The User Template Overview box provides a breakdown of which template is in use for each appointment user—the system default template, or a custom template created by the appointment user.

  1. Each appointment user is listed in the Name column.
  2. Each email template has its own column.
  3. Custom Template indicates the user has personalized the template.
  4. A hyphen (-) indicates the system default is being used.
  5. Use the Search box to quickly find a user and what templates they are using.
  6. Click the Edit Settings () icon in the Action column to jump to a user's personal settings to edit their templates as needed.
Example of the User Template Overview box