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Appointments: Add and manage users' settings in bulk

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The User Settings Overview allows you to quickly see the booking limits and other settings that are currently in place for all active appointment users in your system. Here you can select multiple users to make bulk changes for several settings. Additionally...

To see and manage user settings in bulk:

  1. Go to Admin > Appointments.
  2. Select the User Settings tab.
    Selecting the User Settings tab from the Admin > Appointments page.
  3. The User Settings Overview box displays, listing the current settings for each appointment user.
    1. Use the Columns button to show or hide columns.
      • Any column visible by default is an eligible option for bulk updates.
    2. Use the Search box to quickly find a user.
    3. Click the user's View/Edit Appointments () icon in the Actions column to manage a user's settings directly on their settings page.
  4. To make bulk updates, click the checkbox in the top row to select all users, or check the boxes by each name to choose individual users.
  5. Use the Bulk Update dropdown to choose a bulk update option, then select and save its new setting. Available bulk update options include:
    • Duration
    • Padding
    • Book in Advance
    • Cancel Appointment
    • Booking Window
    • File Uploads
    • LibStaffer Sync
    • Restrict by Email
The User Settings Overview box and its options.