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Spaces & Seats: View daily space bookings that are expiring soon

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Use the Expiring Bookings tool to quickly identify the daily space bookings that will expire in the next few days. The default checks the next 14 days, but this can be adjusted using the date picker. In order to appear here, a space's category must be set to daily. Learn more about adding and managing space booking categories.

View and filter expiring daily space bookings

  1. Click Spaces in the navigation bar.
  2. Click the Expiring Bookings tab.
  3. Select the Location you wish to view.
    1. You can alternatively check the box to Search All Locations.
  4. If searching a single location, you can select a specific Category if desired. Otherwise search All Daily Categories.
  5. Select an Ending Date Range. If the last day of the booking falls within that date range, it will appear in the results.
  6. Click Go.
The Expiring Bookings tab search setup

Manage expiring daily space bookings

Once you have a list of expiring daily space bookings, you can:

  1. Search for a specific booking by space/seat name, patron name, email, etc.
  2. Sort the results by column using the arrows icon when available.
  3. Click the Booking ID to:
    • Check out or check in
    • Add an internal note
    • Cancel the booking
  4. Click the copy booking details icon to create a new booking using the original patron's details.
  5. Click the email address to send the patron an email.
  6. Click the user history icon to see the patron's space and equipment booking history at that location and across the system.
  7. Click the date to:
    • Change the space/seat
    • Change start date/time and end date/time
    • Cancel the booking
Manage expiring bookings