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Tickets & Passes: Add and manage institutions

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An institution is any place where a patron can book a ticket or pass through your library. It could be an art gallery, children's museum, cultural center, nature conservatory, and much more—whatever institutions you partner with to provide free or discounted admission to your patrons. You need at least one institution and can have as many as you need, each with its own configuration and passes.

Add a new institution

  1. Go to Admin > Tickets & Passes.
  2. On the Institutions tab, click the Add New Institution button.
Add new institution button
  1. Add the Institution Name.
  2. Click the Save & Continue button.
Example of naming and saving a new institution

Once you save your new institution, you'll be taken to the Edit Institution page, where you can customize its general settings, email templates, and hours exceptions.

Institution settings

The institution settings are found under the following tabs: General, Email Templates, and Hours Exceptions.

Tabs on the edit institution page
The tabs on the Edit Institution page.


Email Templates

Hours Exceptions

Manage institutions

  1. To manage an institution, click the cog () button in the institution's heading. From here you can:
    1. Click Edit Institution Info to modify the institution's general settings.
    2. Click View Institution Public Page to view that institution's public booking page.
    3. Click Delete Institution to permanently delete the institution. 
      • Note: This will delete all passes, bookings, and statistics for the institution, and cannot be undone. Please proceed with caution. 
Example of options for managing an institution