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Tickets & Passes: Customize an institution's general settings and info

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While editing an institution (via its Edit Institution Info link) the details for an institution can be adjusted on the General tab. Settings that can be adjusted here include:

  • General Settings: The institution's name, description, image, access, terms & conditions, and booking form.
  • Institutional Info: The institution's website, phone number, and address.

Getting there

  1. Go to Admin > Tickets & Passes.
  2. Under the Institutions tab, click the cog () button in the institution's heading.
  3. Click Edit Institution Info.
    • You'll land on the General tab by default.
Selecting the institution's settings cog and then Edit Institution.

General settings

The following settings are available in the General panel of the General tab. If any changes are made here, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the panel.

  1. Name: This is the name of the institution as it appears throughout LibCal on both public and admin pages.
  2. Access: This controls the visibility of your institution.
    • Public: The institution will display on your public tickets & passes booking page.
    • Private: The institution can only be viewed by those who know its URL.
      • It will not be displayed on the passes booking page.
    • Admin Only: The institution will not be accessible publicly at all.
  3. Image URL: Click the Launch Image Manager button to upload and/or select an image to display for the institution. This will automatically insert the image's URL in the Image URL field.
    • If the image is hosted elsewhere, you can enter the full URL in the Image URL field.
    • Note: The recommended dimensions are 400 x 300px for optimal display.
    • A thumbnail image will display below the Image URL field so you can preview how the image looks.
    • If you no longer want to display an image for a space, delete the URL from the Image URL field and save your changes.
  4. Friendly URL: Give your institution a friendly URL to easily link directly to its booking page.
    • A friendly URL should be easier to remember, identify, and promote than the default URL, which consists of random characters.
    • We recommend that you use a friendly URL if your institution's Access level is set to Private.
  5. Description: Use the rich text editor to add text and images to share details about the institution.
    • This is generally for promotional copy and brief logistical details about using a pass (e.g., is it for free admission or discounted admission) and will be displayed when viewing the institution via the public booking page.
  6. Terms & Conditions: Add specific details about how the institution's digital passes work, along with caveats or exceptions, if any. This is typically used for terms and conditions set forth by the institution, but it could also contain conditions from your library.
  7. Booking Form: If desired, select a custom booking form to apply to this institution.
Options in the General panel of the Institution General settings

Institutional info

The below options are available in the Institutional Info panel on the General tab. Details entered here are shown on the public booking page for passes.

Example public booking page highlighting the Institutional Info
Example public booking page highlighting the Institutional Info

If any changes are made here, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the panel.

  1. Website: Enter the URL for the institution.
  2. Phone Number: Enter the institution's phone number.
  3. Street Address: Enter the street address.
  4. City: enter the city.
  5. State: Enter the state or province.
  6. Zip/Postcode: Enter the zip or postcode.
  7. Country: Use the dropdown menu to select the country.
Options in the Institution Info panel of the Institution General settings