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Tickets & Passes: Customize an institution's availability, closed days, and exceptions

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When a patron books a digital pass, they choose the date on which they plan to visit the institution. You can configure when each institution shows as available by excluding certain days and dates:

  • Closed days: Block off any days of the week that the institution should not be available to book.
    • Days on which the facility is regularly closed.
    • Days on which they are technically open, but they do not want to be eligible for free or discounted admission through the passes program.
  • Closed dates (exceptions): Block off specific dates that the institution should not be available to book. This is used for holidays, special events, renovations, or other irregular or one-off closures.

Digital passes are also configured with validity dates, which govern when that particular type of pass is shown as available. All digital pass bookings will inherit and adhere to the institution's closed days and exceptions, as established using the steps below.

Getting there

  1. Go to Admin > Tickets & Passes.
  2. Under the Institutions tab, click the cog () button in the Institution's heading.
  3. Click Edit Institution Info.
Selecting the institution's settings cog and then Edit Institution.
  1. Click the Hours Exceptions tab.
Selecting the Hours Exceptions tab

Set closed days for an institution

  1. In the Closed on Days of Week panel, check the box next to the days of the week that the institution is not available to be booked through the Tickets & Passes module.
  2. Click Save.
The Closed On Days of Week panel

Add additional closed dates (exceptions) for an institution

  1. In the Additional Closed Dates panel, click the Add New Exception button.
The Add New Exception button
  1. Select whether the closed date is a Single Date or a Date Range.
  2. Enter the Date or Date Range.
  3. If desired, add a Reason for the closure.
    • This is an optional internal note for staff, and is not visible on the public booking pages.
  4. Click Save.
The Add Closed Date model

Your exception will appear in the table in the Additional Closed Dates panel. You can delete an exception by clicking its trash can () button in the Action column.

The date exceptions
An example of exceptions for when an institution is closed. Delete an exception by clicking the trash can.