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Tickets & Passes: View and export digital pass bookings using the booking explorer

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The Booking Explorer allows you to view and export the booking data for your digital pass bookings, which can be helpful if you ever need to do a detailed analysis. From here you are also able to make edits (to booking form responses, the date of bookings, the institution and pass booked, etc.), cancel bookings, view digital tickets, and more.

View and filter booking explorer data

To search for current, future, or past digital pass bookings:

  1. Go to Tickets & Passes from the command bar.
  2. Click the Booking Explorer tab.
  3. Set the filters for the report. 
    1. Use the Institution dropdown to view bookings from "All Institutions" or to select an individual institution.
    2. Use the Status to view bookings with a specific status (tentative, confirmed, cancelled, etc.) or leave it at "All" to include all statuses. 
    3. Use the Date filter to view bookings within a specific date range.
    4. Use the Search field to search for bookings by keywords in the patron's email address, patron's name, account information passed via LibAuth, or the booking's form answers.
  4. Click the Go button to run the report.
Filtering the Space Booking Explorer

Browse your bookings

After running the booking explorer report, you can view the details of the bookings that met the parameters of the filters in place for the report.

  1. Click the Booking ID to view the booking's details. Click the patron's name to edit their name, email and custom booking form questions. Here you can also cancel the booking.
    • Confirmed digital pass bookings include a link to download the ticket PDF.
    • If the booking was cancelled by an admin, the name of the account that cancelled the booking will be displayed along with the date and time of the cancellation.
  2. The Institution column lists the institution.
  3. The Pass column shows the pass name.
  4. The Name column shows the patron's name and email address.
  5. The From date shows the date of the booking. Click the date to change the museum, date and pass.
    • Tip: Does the patron need a copy of the digital ticket? Click the date, be sure the option to Send confirmation email to user is checked, and click Update Booking (even if no changes have been made). This will email the patron the booking details, along with the PDF of the digital ticket.
  6. The Status column displays the current status of the booking.
    • If the booking was cancelled by an admin, the name of the account that cancelled the booking will be displayed along with the date and time of the cancellation can be viewed by hovering over the icon.
Browsing the Booking Explorer

Export your booking explorer data

To export the booking data for the booking explorer report, click the Export button. This will provide you with a .csv file of the entire report that was run, including any custom booking form questions and their responses.

Exporting the Booking Explorer report