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Tickets & Passes: Add and manage digital passes and their settings

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Digital passes, also known as eTickets, are passes that your patrons can book for free or discounted admission to institutions. Digital passes are booked online and immediately sent to patrons via email as PDF attachments (with optional barcodes). Passes can be printed or shown from a personal device for admittance to an institution. After consultation with your institution partner about their needs, you will configure:

  • Pass limits: Set limits on how many times a type of pass can be booked per day, week, and month, along with validity dates.
  • Barcode: Choose whether to include a barcode and what type.
  • Pass admittance: Determine how many adults and children a single pass will admit.
  • Ticket settings: Optionally, add a title, instructions, logo image, etc.

Add digital passes to an institution

When adding a digital pass, you can think of it as adding whole batch of passes. The size of the batch is determined by the booking limits and validity dates that you set. For example, if an institution wants to offer 20 digital passes each week, you won't add 20 individual passes to the system like you would for physical passes. Instead, you'll add one digital pass, and then configure the pass limits to define the size of the batch. For the above example, you would configure the digital pass to have "20 allowed uses per week." This permits that particular digital pass to be booked 20 times each week.

To add a digital pass:

  1. Go to Admin > Tickets & Passes.
  2. On the Institutions tab, click the cog () button in the Institution's heading.
  3. Click Add New Digital Pass.
Choosing Add New Digital Pass from the institution settings menu.
  1. Enter the Ticket/Pass Name.
  2. Click Save & Continue.
    • After creating a digital pass, you'll be directed to the General tab to configure the pass settings.
Add a digital pass name and click Save.

Configure digital pass settings

After creating a new digital pass—or when editing an existing pass—you can configure the pass settings, which appear on three tabs: General, Barcode, and Ticket.

Tabs on the digital pass settings page
The tabs on the Edit Digital Pass page.


The General tab is where you'll configure the pass' name, allowed uses, and validity dates for a digital pass.

  1. Update the Ticket/Pass Name as needed.
  2. Configure the Allowed Uses. This is the number of times a particular pass can be booked for each duration: Day, Week, and Month.
    • These limits work together. For example, 5 uses per day with a 20 uses per week limit would cap daily bookings after the 20 per week limit is reached, even if fewer than 5 had been booked on a given day.
    • A limit of 0 means there is no limit for that time period. Limits fall back to the other durations, if applicable.
    • A group pass counts as one booking. The number of people that can be admitted per pass is not factored into the "allowed uses."
  3. Set the date range that the pass can be booked with the Valid From Date and Valid Until Date options. The closures and exceptions set up for an institution will be reflected within this date range.
    1. Click the X on the right of a date field to clear a previously selected date.
    2. For no end date, leave the Valid Until Date option set to mm / dd / yyyy.
      • Please be aware that when no end date is set, it is valid "forever." Setting an arbitrary future end date (and later updating it when needed) may be best.
  4. Click Save.
Configuring a digital pass' General settings.


Work with your institution partner to determine whether they'd like a barcode on the digital pass and what barcode type should be used. A single barcode will be used for all tickets in the pass batch. On the Barcode tab:

  1. Select the Type.
    • No barcode
    • Single barcode for all bookings
  2. If using a barcode, select the Barcode Format.
    • UPC-A
    • UPC-E
    • EAN 13
    • MSI
  3. Enter the Single Barcode that will display on the digital pass.
    1. The barcode Preview will dynamically update to generate a barcode based on what you enter.
  4. Click Save.
Configuring a digital pass' barcode.


On the Ticket tab, set the title for the ticket, adjust the visibility of the visitor's name, configure how many patrons a digital pass will admit, add special instructions, and customize the look and feel, using the preview pane to guide you.

  1. Add a Stub Title or leave this field blank to remove this label.
  2. If desired, check the box by Visitor Name to include the name of the person who booked directly on the ticket.
    • When active, the name entered when booking the pass will be printed on the ticket.
  3. If the ticket allows specific admittance, check the box by Admittance Information. This activates the Adult and Child Admittance options in Steps 4 and 5 below. 
    • Checking the box allows you to create a group pass, admitting multiple adults and/or children. A group pass counts as one booking. They are convenient for patrons so they don't need to book multiple passes to cover each member of their party.
    • To create a single admittance ticket that is not audience-specific (i.e., either Adult or Child), leave this box unchecked.
      • It will hide the "Admits" label from the ticket.
  4. If applicable, set the Adult Admittance number to define how many adults each pass should admit.
  5. If applicable, set the Child Admittance number to define how many children each pass should admit.
  6. Select a Border Color with the color picker or enter a hex code value.
  7. Click Launch Image Manager and upload and/or select an image to display on the ticket. This will automatically insert the image's URL in the Logo Image field.
    • If the image is hosted elsewhere, you can enter the full URL in the Image URL field.
    • Please limit the image to a max height and width of 200px.
    • After saving, the image will appear in the Preview. 
    • If you no longer want to display an image on the ticket, delete the URL from the Logo Image field and save your changes.
  8. Add any special Instructions or information to the ticket. This might include whether the ticket is for free or discounted admission, an institution's hours, details about parking, reminders from its terms and conditions, whether the ticket should be printed or can be shown on the patron's device for admittance, etc.
  9. Select Save.
    1. Use the Preview pane to see how a ticket will look. Changes must be saved for the preview to update.
      • The institution name and "Valid For" date (i.e., the date for which the ticket is booked, which is the date the patron will visit the institution) appear automatically.
      • If configured on the Barcode tab, the barcode shows automatically.
      • If added to the Institutional Info, the institution's address shows automatically.
    2. Click Download PDF to see exactly how a ticket will appear, as attached to the email that patrons receive.
Configuring a digital pass' ticket settings.

Manage an institution's digital passes

On the Admin > Tickets & Passes > Institutions tab, locate the institution. In its Digital Passes section:

  1. Use the search box to quickly find a pass by Name, a limit, or validity date.
  2. Click a column heading to sort by that column.
  3. Click on the Edit () icon to edit a pass' settings.
  4. Click on the Delete () icon to delete a pass.
    • Note: This deletes all bookings and stats related to this pass.
    • If you'd like to keep your data but make it no longer available to book, either change the validity end date to yesterday, or update the allowed uses to 0 for day, week, and month.
Example of options for managing digital passes