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Events: Create a new series linked event

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What is a series linked event?

A series linked event is a repeating/recurring event with registration required where all of the occurrences of the event are tied to a single registration. For example, if you are hosting a series of training sessions that span multiple days where all attendees are required to attend every session, when configuring the recurring event in LibCal, you can activate the Series Link Registration option so that a registrant only has to register once for all future occurrences of the training sessions.

Series linked event example
Events with a series linked registration will list all dates of the event when registering.

Create a series linked event

The process for creating a series linked event is essentially the same as it is for a repeating event. You can follow the instructions to create a repeating event from scratch. The only difference comes when configuring the Event Registration.

  1. In the Event Registration section of your new recurring event, select the Registration is Required checkbox.
  2. Configure the other registration-related options, as needed.
  3. Select the Series link registration checkbox.
  4. Optionally, select the Allow registrations until the last event in the series checkbox if you want to keep registrations open until the final occurrence of the event.
    • When this option is not selected, the registration will close with the first occurrence of the event—based on the date and time for the Registrations Close setting for the event.
  5. Continue setting up the remaining details of the event series.
configuring the series linked options for a new repeating event