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Equipment: View and save a QR code for category and item booking pages

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You can generate QR codes to share links to the public booking pages for equipment. These codes can be printed and placed in convenient locations inside your building, used in handouts, attached directly to specific equipment items, etc. Patrons can scan the QR code with their mobile phone camera to load the booking page, where they can make a new booking for equipment items.

  1. Click on Equipment in the command bar.
  2. Select the desired Location.
  3. On the Booking Grid & Availability tab, select the desired Category and click Go.
    • If you want a QR code for a specific item, go ahead and choose its category.
  4. Click the QR Code button.
Clicking the QR Code button
  1. The QR code at the top shows the code for the selected category. Right-click the image and choose Save image as... to save it to your computer. You can then use that image in your library website, handouts, or signs.
    1. If you want the QR code for an item, click the panel heading to expand the desired item to reveal its QR code.
Example of a generated QR code