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Spaces & Seats: View the public booking page

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There are several ways to view the public booking page, which is the first step for a patron to book a space or a seat. These different methods of access—with their slightly nuanced options, depending on the booking page style that is active for your site—can be presented to patrons however you like. For example, you can add links to the booking page to your main library or institution website, add booking widgets to your LibGuides, advertise the ability to book spaces/seats in handouts or around your building, and so forth.

Via direct URL

You can create friendly URLs to go to specific locations, categories, and spaces. There are also built-in direct URLs, described below, that you can use and share by adding on to your base LibCal URL, for example: https://mylibrary.libcal.com


Add /r, for example: https://mylibrary.libcal.com/r

Options to Reserve, Check In and Check Out


Add /r/new, for example: https://mylibrary.libcal.com/r/new

  • When using the search-based booking page, the /r/new URL prompts you to choose a location.
  • When using the availability grid booking page, the r/new URL loads the New Reservation page. Select desired options, click the Show Availability button, and then proceed with the booking.
The New Reservation page


Add /spaces, for example: https://mylibrary.libcal.com/spaces


Add /allspaces, for example: https://mylibrary.libcal.com/allspaces

Via QR Code

You can generate QR codes that you can use to share links to the public booking pages. These codes can be printed and placed in convenient locations inside your building, used in handouts, etc. Patrons can scan the QR code with their mobile phone camera to load the booking page, where they can make a new booking for a space or seat.

You have two QR code options:

Via the tablet/kiosk page

Each space that is bookable as a whole has a dedicated URL designed for displaying on a tablet, which you might affix in or near the corresponding space for the convenience of your patrons. This snapshot view of the space includes the space's current status (available, in use, or upcoming booking starting soon), a list of upcoming bookings for that day, a QR code to go to the space's booking page to make a new booking, and check in and check out options.

Via the space booking widget

Space booking widgets allow your patrons to book spaces and seats from outside of your LibCal space bookings page. With just a little embed code, you can add a button to your library website, LibGuides, or just about any other page. When clicked, the booking page launches in a popup. What patrons see here depends on the booking page style that is active for your site. When your site uses the search-based booking style, widgets will use the search-based booking format. When your site uses the availability grid booking style, widgets will use the screen reader-friendly booking format.

While logged into LibCal

This option is just for staff, not patrons. 😉 This is a handy shortcut to jump to the public booking grid while logged into the staff side of LibCal.

  1. Click on Spaces in the command bar.
  2. Select the Location you wish to view.
  3. Click on the Booking Grid & Availability tab.
  4. Use the filters to select spaces by Category, Zone, or other options.
  5. Click the Go button to load the booking grid.
Viewing a category's public page, part 1
  1. Click on the View Public Page button to display that category's public booking page.
    1. If you want to view another category, select it from the Category dropdown and click Go to reload the booking grid for the new category. Then select the View Public Page button again.
Viewing a category's public page, part 2