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LibCal statistics: Booking sources

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The Booking Sources Statistics report provides you with a breakdown of the devices (desktop, tablet, or mobile), pages (widgets, public booking pages, etc.), and modules that are used to make bookings in your LibCal site. This report covers all bookings created, across all modules, that have occurred in the last 90 days. 

To run the Booking Sources Statistics report:

  1. Go to Stats > Booking Sources from the command bar.
  2. Use the ModuleDevice, and Screen filters to limit the report.
    • Module filter allows you to view bookings for only events, spaces, equipment, or appointments.
    • Device filter allows you to view bookings made on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device,
    • Screen filter allows you to select a specific page (exs: spaces search, spaces widget, equipment catalog, event page, appointments user page, etc.) that was used to make bookings.
  3. Click the Go button to run the report.
    1. After running the report, click the Export Data button to download a .csv of the report's data.
Example booking sources report