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Events: Print a list of events for a specific date

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It can be helpful to have a simple paper copy of events. For example, your events might include internal notes with details about setting up for the event. You can print a list of events that includes these notes and other details to share with your event setup crew so they know how to configure each space. Having a paper copy can also be helpful for in-person attendance tracking.

To generate a print-friendly list of events for a particular date:

  1. Click on Events from the command bar.
  2. Click on the calendar's title from the Modify/View Calendar column on the Calendar List tab.
creating an event from a template, part 1
  1. On the Calendar tab, click the Print View button.
Clicking the Print button
  1. Use the options on the printer-friendly page that opens in a new window to customize the printout.
    1. Click on the  Date button to select the date you want to print.
    2. Use the Audience, Category and Campus/Branch filters to focus your search. Multiple selections can be made for each filter.
    3. Use the Field checkboxes to show or hide particular information for each booking, when available:
      • Available fields include: Event ID, Description, Date & Time, Location, Audiences, Categories, Campus/Branch, Seats, Presenter, Published Status, Registration Status, Waitlist, Event Type, Internal Notes, and Registrations.
      • The Internal Notes option captures both types of internal notes.
    4. When Registrations is selected, additional relevant fields can be selected to show: Booking ID, Name, Email, Created, Registration Type, Attendance, Payments, and Registration Form Responses.
  2. Click on the  Print button to print the page.
    1. To print each table on a separate page, first select the Print each on separate page checkbox.
Example of printing events