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Help with Joining a Screensharing Session using Microsoft Teams

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Joining a screensharing session

  1. In your LibChat window, look for the invitation to join the screensharing session.
  2. Click the Join the screensharing session link.

The link to join the screensharing session

  1. In another browser tab, the Join Conversation page will prompt you to join the Microsoft Teams meeting.
    1. If you do not currently have the Microsoft Teams app installed your computer: Click on Download the Windows/Mac App button (this button will say Windows or Mac depending on your operating system).
      • The meeting client is available for Windows & Mac.
    2. If you prefer to join the meeting via your browser (no download required): click on Continue on this browser.
      • We recommend that you use Google Chrome (or other Chromium-based browsers, such as the new Microsoft Edge). Screensharing, meeting audio, or other functionality may not be available in other browsers.
    3. If you already have Microsoft Teams installed on your computer: your browser may automatically prompt you to launch the app and join the meeting. If not, click on Open your Teams app.

options in the join conversation page

  1. Once Microsoft Teams has launched, you will be prompted to configure your camera and microphone settings and join the meeting. Click the Join Now button when you're ready.
    • Important: if you are joining via your web browser, be sure to allow Microsoft Teams to access your camera and microphone. You should be prompted to do this automatically if this is your first time using Microsoft Teams in your browser.

camera, microphone, and join now buttons

  1. You may initially be placed in the meeting's waiting room. Please wait and your librarian will let you into the meeting.

waiting room message

Meeting controls

‚ÄčAlthough the meeting controls may look slightly different depending upon a user's operating system, the basics should generally look as described below.

  1. Turn your camera on/off: click on the camera button to enable or disable your device's camera.
  2. Turn your microphone on/off: click on the microphone button to enable or disable your device's microphone. When disabled, your librarian will not be able to hear you talk, but you will still be able to hear them.
  3. Share your screen: click on the share button to share your screen with your librarian. When enabled, you will be prompted to select your desktop or an individual app window to share.

camera, microphone, and share buttons

Screensharing controls

When sharing has started, hover your cursor at the top of the screen to display the presentation controls.

  1. Use the Give control option to hand mouse control of your screen to your librarian.
  2. Click on the Include System Audio button if you would like to share on-screen audio (i.e. system sounds, video audio, etc.).
  3. Click on the Pin Toolbar button if you'd like to keep the presentation controls on-screen (i.e. disable auto-hide).
  4. To stop sharing your screen (but not end the meeting), click the Stop Presenting button in the presentation controls (top of the screen).
  5. Use the meeting controls (bottom of your screen) to turn your personal video or microphone settings on/off.

presentation controls at the top of the screen

Leaving the Microsoft Teams meeting

To completely end the meeting, click on the red Hang Up button. Please note that this will only end your screensharing session -- your LibChat session will remain active until someone ends the chat.

hang up button