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Form Fields & Interactions: Create and manage interaction types and their fields

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What are interaction types?

In LibConnect, interaction types are how you organize the various interactions that you have with the person and organization profiles in your system. Each interaction you add to LibConnect must be assigned a type, so setting up your types is one of the first steps you should take when setting up your system.

As you are setting up your interaction types, remember that while your interactions that come from your other Springshare products and your email interactions when your system email address is included in the email are automatically recorded as interactions, they will not have a type assigned to them automatically, so you may want to consider adding types that related to these interactions too.

Examples of interaction types

  • Consultation
  • Instruction request
  • Library orientation
  • Library instruction
  • One-on-one research query
  • Group research query
  • Informal interaction
  • Training
  • Event attendee

What are fields?

Fields allow you to record different types of information for the interaction type that has been assigned to an interaction. When recording an interaction, LibConnect provides some system default fields, such as the title, date/time, duration, and description. These can help you to record the basics of an interaction, but you may want to create your own custom fields for each of the interaction types that you have set up, as well.

When you create your own custom fields, you can choose to apply them to all of your interaction types, or just to a type. For example, "Quality of Interaction" would be an example of a field you may want to apply to all interaction types, while "Course Number" may be an example of a field-specific to your Library Instruction interaction type.

Create an interaction type

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Form Fields.
  2. Click on the Interaction Types tab.
  3. Click the New Type button.
The New Type button for interaction types
  1. Give your new type a name.
  2. Optionally, you can give your type a brief description.
  3. Click the Save button.
Adding a new interaction type

Manage your interaction types

While on the Interaction Types tab you'll find the types that have been set up for your LibConnect system. From here you can:

  1. Type in the Filter field to search for types by name or description.
  2. Click on a column heading to sort by that column.
  3. To edit a type, click on its mode_edit icon in the Actions column.
  4. To delete a type, click on its delete_forever icon in the Actions column.
    • This will only delete the type -- it will not delete any profiles assigned to that type.
  5. The Unknown type cannot be removed or edited, as it is the type that is applied to the auto-generated interactions that come from your Springshare integrations and email interactions when they are created.
Options for managing interaction Types

Create new interaction type fields

In addition to the default system fields, you can create your own custom fields to gather additional information -- either for all interaction types or just for individual ones.

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Form Fields.
  2. Click on the Fields for Interaction Types tab.
  3. To add a new field to all person types, click on the New Field button in the Fields Applicable to All Groups box.
    1. Otherwise, click on the New Field button for a specific interaction type.
Navigating to the Fields for Interaction Types tab and adding a new field
  1. In the New Field window, enter a label for your new field.
  2. Use the Field Type dropdown to select which type of field you want this to be.
    • There may be additional options to configure depending upon the field type you choose.
    • Once you save a new field, you can not change the field type. If you need to change the type, you must delete the field and create a new one.
    • For a complete list, see the FAQ on Available Field Types.
  3. If you would like to provide optional instructions for completing this field, you can enter them in the Instructions field.
  4. To make your field required for each profile, select the Required checkbox.
  5. Click the Save button.
Adding a new field

Manage fields for interaction types

Interaction System Fields

LibConnect provides several general information fields right out of the box, such as Profile and Title, which apply to all interactions. You can find a complete list of these in the Interaction System Fields box when setting up your custom fields. You do not need to recreate these fields, otherwise you'll end up with duplicates in your profiles.

  1. Required fields will display a red Required label. These are fields that the system requires for all interactions, regardless of type.
  2. You can choose to hide any of the optional fields. Simply click on the blue Hide button next to any field and it will be hidden from the interactions. Click the Unhide button to display it again.
  3. Timestamp fields are all automatically updated by the system and cannot be hidden. These will display a green Auto label.
Interaction System Fields

Edit and delete fields

  1. To edit a field's options, click on its mode_edit icon.
    • Once a field has been saved, you can not change the field type. If you need to change the type, you must delete the field and create a new one.
  2. To permanently delete a field and its data, click on its delete_forever icon.
    • This will remove the field and its data from all profiles and cannot be undone, so be careful!
Options for editing and deleting field

Reorder fields

To reorder fields within a profile type, simply drag and drop the field to a new position using its format_line_spacing icon. Your changes will save automatically.

Dragging and dropping a field