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Emails & Person Profiles: Manage the email subscription preferences for a person

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Person profiles in LibConnect are used as the basis for generating the recipients for email campaigns that you run (and the distribution lists used for those campaigns). In order for a patron to be included as a recipient on a campaign, they must have a person profile set up

For operational email campaigns, the only requirement for a patron to receive the email is to have a person profile with a valid email address. Patrons can not opt of receiving operational emails.

For marketing email campaigns, in addition to having a person profile in LibConnect, their profile must be subscribed to your marketing emails, and have the category for the email campaign selected as a category of interest.

Subscription preferences for person profiles can be managed within LibConnect for each individual profile, as well as by the patrons themselves. 

Manage a person profile's email subscription & categories of interest

When creating a new person profile or editing an existing profile's general information, the profile's Email Subscription preference and selected Categories of Interest can be adjusted.

  1. Use the Email Subscription field to adjust whether or not the patron is subscribed to your marketing email campaigns.
    • When a profile is Unsubscribed they will not receive any marketing campaign emails, but they can still be set operational campaign emails as needed.
  2. Use the Categories of Interest checkboxes to adjust the types of marketing emails the profile should receive.
    • The categories displayed are those that have been set up under Emails > Categories and set to the Marketing type.
    • When a category is not selected, the patron will not receive any marketing campaign emails associated with that category.
  3. Click Save.
managing a person profile's email preferences

Patron management of their own email preferences

Patrons with person profiles in LibConnect (and those that don't yet have a profile -- more on that below) can manage their own email preferences to decide whether or not they want to be subscribed to your system's marketing email campaigns and to adjust the categories of interest for said marketing emails.

Signup for email updates

The Signup Form for your system provides you with a link that you can share with your users who don't currently have a profile in your LibConnect system to sign up for email updates. When a user submits their information via the form, LibConnect will create a new profile in this system to assist with tracking their email preferences. Users with an existing profile (that uses the email address they enter on the signup form) can also use the signup form to update their email preferences.

In order to start collecting responses to the form, share its public URL  wherever you want to enable folks to sign up for email updates. You can always deactivate a form, which will remove it from public view.

Example signup form
Example Signup Form for a LibConnect system
Viewing the Signup Form
  1. Go to Emails > Signup Forms.
  2. Click on the URL for the form, or click the View link. 
    1. Use the Rename link to adjust the name that is displayed at the top of the form.
    2. If you don't want to allow patrons to sign up for email updates on their own, click the Deactivate link to disable the public signup form.
viewing the public signup form

Manage your own email preferences

If a patron has received a marketing email campaign at any time, they can use the Manage Email Preferences and Unsubscribe links in the footer of the email to manage their personal email preferences. Adjustments a patron makes to their preferences and subscription status will automatically update their profile in LibConnect. If a patron unintentionally (or intentionally) made a change to their preferences that needs to be changed, you can adjust them from within LibConnect using the above instructions.

example email footer highlighting the email preference and unsubscribe links
Example email footer highlighting the Manage Email Preferences and Unsubcribe links