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Emails: Set up and manage custom domains and registered senders for email sending in LibConnect

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To assist in the successful delivery and receipt of LibConnect's Email Campaigns, you can register your own domain to be used to send email campaigns. Instead of the Email From address for campaigns using the default @yourlibrary.libconnect.com, verifying and authenticating your custom domain will allow for campaigns to use registered senders of your choosing -- ex: librarynews@yourlibrary.org. Using your own domain for email sending has the potential to improve your campaign stats for delivery rate, open rate, etc.

After completing the three-step process for your domain authorization, you will be able to add new senders that use that domain.

Authenticate and manage custom domains

In order to set up and use email addresses on your custom domain as registered senders, you must first verify and authenticate your domain in LibConnect to allow LibConnect to act as a permitted sender for your domain. 

To authenticate a new domain:

  1. Go to Admin > Email Settings.
  2. On the Email Settings page, click the + New Domain link in the Domains panel.
beginning the custom domain registration on the Email Settings page
  1. Enter the Domain Name you want to use in LibConnect.
  2. Click the Next button.
entering the domain to use for email sending
  1. On the Verify Domain page, enter the Email Address that will be used to verify the domain.
    • The email address entered, must be on domain you entered on the previous page of the setup.
  2. Click the Send Verification Email button to move to the authentication step.
    • A verification email will be sent to the address you entered within a few minutes. Click the Verify Domain link in the email you receive and return to LibConnect.
entering the email address to verify the domain for for email sending
  1. After verifying the domain with the email sent by LibConnect, open a separate browser window/tab, navigate to your domain provider's website, and find your domain's records.
    • Note: It is likely that you will need to work closely with your IT department to complete this step and those that follow. 
  2. Set the SPF record for the domain being authenticated (it will be listed onscreen in LibConnect) with the value provided.
  3. Set the DKIM record listed onscreen, using the value provided.
  4. Set a CNAME record for the domain provided onscreen with the value provided.
  5. After confirming the above records in your domain's records and allowing the changes to fully propagate, you can click the Authenticate button to complete the domain verification process.
    • It can take up to 48 hours for the records added above to fully propagate out.
    • If LibConnect cannot confirm that the records have propagated, you will see an error onscreen. Please try again later to complete the authentication of the domain.
authenticating LibConnect with the domain provider
  1. After your domain is authenticated, you can proceed with adding Registered Senders from the domain.

Manage custom domains

For domains that you have authenticated to use with LibConnect (and for those that you are in the process of authenticating), you can view and manage them on the Admin > Email Settings page.

  1. The default domain -- the domain of your LibConnect site -- will be listed first and cannot be deleted.
  2. Domains that are awaiting verification -- having the Verify Domain link clicked in the email sent by LibConnect -- will be listed as Not Verified and include a Verify link allowing you to return to that step in the domain authentication process.
  3. Domains that are awaiting authentication -- having added records for LibConnect in the domain's records and waiting for those changes to propagate out -- will be listed as Not Authenticated and include an Authenticate link allowing you to return to that step in the domain authentication process.
  4. If you no longer need to use a domain for email sending in LibConnect, click the Delete () icon for the domain.
options for managing custom domains

Add and manage registered senders

Registered senders are used as the Email From address for any email campaigns that you want to send. By default, you will have no-reply@yourlibrary.libconnect.com as an available sender, and you can add additional senders for addresses that use your LibConnect site's domain. If you have authenticated any custom domains to be used by LibConnect, addresses from those domains can also be configured as senders.

To add a new registered sender:

  1. Go to Admin > Email Settings.
  2. On the Email Settings page, click the + New Sender link in the Registered Senders panel.
adding a new registered sender
  1. On the Add New Sender modal, set the From Name to be used.
    • This can be edited later, if needed.
  2. Set the From Email to be used -- ex: newsletter@yourlibrary.org.
    • This can be edited later, if needed.
  3. Select the Email Domain to use.
    • Any domains that have been authenticated with LibConnect, or your default LibConnect domain, can be used.
  4. Click Add.
configuring the details of a new registered sender

Manage registered senders

For registered senders that have been added to your LibConnect system, you can view and manage them from the Admin > Emails Settings page.

  1. The default, no-reply@yourlibrary.libconnect.com, email addressed will be listed first and cannot be edited or deleted.
  2. To edit a registered sender's From Name, From Email, or Email Domain, click on its Edit icon.
  3. To delete a registered sender that is no longer needed, click its Delete icon.
    • Email campaigns associated with this sender will not be impacted.
  4. Any registered senders that have been added and verified will include a Verified label -- letting you know that they can be used in email campaigns.
mananging LibConnect's registered senders