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Organization Profiles: Create a new profile

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What is an organization profile?

An Organization profile allows you to keep track of important information about organizations your library interacts with, such as vendors, committees, teams, consortia, or professional organizations. Out of the box, this includes basic contact info, such as an organization's name, email address, and other contact info. However, you can customize your profiles to include additional info, such as a mailing address, website -- whatever is most relevant for your library.

Organization profiles are also used to coordinate and track interactions with your organizations, whether it's a simple email with a vendor rep, or attendance at a consortium or professional organization meeting.

Add a new organization profile

  1. From the Profiles > Organizations page, click on the New Organization button.
Selecting New Organization from the dropdown menu
  1. Select an owner and, if needed, co-owners for this record. This designates who is responsible for the record.
    • For example, if this is a profile for an e-resources vendor, then you may want to assign your Electronic Resources Librarian as the owner and your Systems Librarian as a co-owner.
    • The owner(s) will have the ability to edit and delete the profile.
  2. Complete all required profile fields, as well as any optional fields that you'd like (don't worry: you can edit these later).
    • By default, the Organization Name and Type are always required.
    • The Organization Name does not need to be unique. However, LibCRM will display an alert message if a profile already exists with the name you entered.
  3. Click the Save button to create the organization.
Creating a new organization profile

Create and update organization profiles in bulk

In addition to creating and updating organization profiles individually, Admin users can also import profiles in bulk. Imports can be completed via an Excel spreadsheet template that also includes options to update organization profile data in bulk, making it easy to add profiles to LibConnect and to keep them up to date.