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Searching LibCRM

Submitting a search

  1. To search across all areas of LibCRM (profiles, interactions, projects, tasks, notes and attachments), enter your terms in the search box in the command bar.
  2. To submit your search, either click the search icon or press Enter.

Submitting a search in the command bar

Filtering search results

After performing a search from the command bar, you will land on the Search LibCRM page with the results of your search -- that defaults to searching profiles only. From the results page you can:

  1. Use the Filters box to specify which areas that should be searched. 
    • After selecting filters, click the Search button to apply the filters.
  2. Use the Search box to revise your search query.
  3. View the results of the query in the Search results box.
    • Depending on the type of the item, links to profile, related profiles, associated projects, etc. can be clicked to navigate to that item.
  4. Use the page controls to change how may profiles display at once and to navigate between pages.

Search results example

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